On Sunday 29th October 2001, my family and I (and dog) went apple picking.

photos taken at the farm orchard...

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Fields around the farm, with sheep in the background

Farm Fields, with Rustic Shed

Le Tractor (slightly blurred)

Our Doggie near the bee hives. (bee's are now in hibernation)

There is rare really woolly sheep in the background, took the pic to show Kyra especially and it didn't come out to clearly! WARGH

Look at all the rows of tree's, I have never seen so many in my whole life!! (apologies for thumb)

it has amazing really tall tree's, straight out of Yosemite!

bushy tree's

slightly too dark - all the tree's

parents walking back and you can see the red apples of that species. It's nearly the end of the season now!

yummmy (unless you are allergic to apples or a carnivore)

rows of fruit (not apples) and a wonderful rusty shed